Maass Bulk Bag solutions for various Industries

Chemical Industries

Chemicals have a wide range of characteristics and an equally wide range of big bags exists to suit them. Some types used by the chemical industry are:

  • Formstable fibc
  • Fibc with PE Inliner
  • Antistaticfibc

The chemical industry often asks for highest quality as the value of the products is high.

Fertilizer Industries

The fertilizer industry mostly uses one- or two loop big bags as these are easy to handle for their agricultural customers. The SWL of these fibc is often only around 500kg. A PE-Inliner is inserted in the big bags so the fertilizer is not leaking and not becoming wet. Fertilizer packaging usually has a company logo printing which supports the marketing of the fertilizer.

Flexibag is fully capable to supply all types of fertilizer big bags.

Food Industries

Besides sugar and milk powder various other food products are filled into big bags. These are for example:

  • Starch – Tripple dustproof
  • Flour – Double dustproof
  • Malt – Not dustpoof
  • Salt – Dustprooof or inliner

Some food like flour or starch might require antistatic big bags if the dust can be explosive.

Polymer Industries

Big bags are often used to pack recycled resources, especially recycled plastics. Recycling materials are either packed in standard big bags or Q-bags.

The fabric of the big bags used in the recycling industry are sometimes with coated fabricand have often a printing.

These fibc come in various designs regarding lifting, fillingand discharging.

Carbon Industries

Carbon black big bags are more than two meters high and designed to carry around 2 cubic meters of carbon black. Furthermore, they are designed as formstablebig bags. We produce big bags from black uncoated fabric especially for our carbon black customers.

This perfectly outlines our attempt to deliver exceptional client services by developing the perfect fitting FIBC for each customer.